Strong field QED with highly charged ions


  报告题目:Strong field QED with highly charged ions 

  报告人:  Prof. Dr. Vladimir M. Shabaev 

  Department of Physics,  

  St.Petersburg State University, Russia 

  时间:   2017年7月10日(星期一) 上午10:30  

  地点:  近代物理所5号楼911会议室 


  Vladimir M. Shabaev  

  Full Professor, Head of Division  

  Department of Physics, St.Petersburg State University  


  Academic degrees:  

  • Doctor of Science, St.Petersburg State University, 1993  

  Thesis: “Two-time Green’s function method in quantum electrodynamic theory of highly charged ions”  

  • Candidate of Science (= Ph.D.), Leningrad State University, 1985  

  Thesis: “Isotopic shift and hyperfine structure of energy levels in relativistic theory of atom” 

  • Master of Science, Leningrad State University, 1982  

    Professional appointments:  

  • Head of Quantum Mechanics Division, SPSU, 2007 - till present  

  • Full Professor, SPSU, 1998 - till present  

  • Associate Professor, SPSU, 1994-1997  

  • Assistant Professor, SPSU, 1991-1994  

  • Assistant Professor, Northwest Correspondence Polytechnical Institute, 1986-1991  

  • Assistant Professor, Novgorod Polytechnical Institute, 1985-1986  


  • Bessel research award, 2002  

  • First prize of the Physical Center for Study and Research of St.Petersburg State University, 1999 (together with V.A. Yerokhin and A.N. Artemyev) 

   Scientific interests:  

  • Quantum electrodynamics at strong and supercritical fields  

  • Tests of fundamental theories and determination of fundamental constants with atomic systems  

  • Development of new methods in relativistic theory of atom  

  • Lamb shift, hyperfine splitting, g-factor, and transition probabilities in highly charged ions  

  • Parity-nonconservation effects in atoms and ions  

  • Recombination, charge transfer, and electron-positron pair creation in heavy ion collisions  

  • Heavy ions and atoms in strong laser fields