Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions in Lattice QCD


  报告题目:Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions in Lattice QCD 

  报告人:刘柳明博士 (德国波恩大学) 

  报告时间:20171017 10:00 



  Since the beginning of this century, a large amount of new hadronic states have been observed in experiments. Many of them do not fit in the conventional quark model. Figuring out the structure of these new states will play a key role in our understanding of QCD — the fundamental theory of strong interaction. At the moment, lattice QCD is the only method to study hadron physics in the low energy regime from first principles. In this talk, I will introduce the method of Lattice QCD and present the results of my work on charmonium spectrum and some meson scattering processes. Particularly, I will discuss some exotic hadronic states beyond quark model.