Multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrographs — mass spectroscopy and beyond


  报告题目:Multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrographs — mass spectroscopy and beyond 

   人: Dr. Peter Henry Schury  

             KEK Wako Nuclear Science CenterJapan 




  The KEK Wako Nuclear Science Center operates several multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrographs (MRTOF-MS) within RIKEN’s Radioactive Ion Beam Factory.  One is dedicated to measurements of very heavy and superheavy elements (SHE).  Another is being used with nuclei produced in multi-nucleon transfer (MNT) reactions.  Others will soon be used with nuclei produced via in-flight fission at BigRIPS.  In each of these, the device is used not only to measure masses.  The MRTOF-MS which is focused on SHE allows for measuring alpha-decay half-lives in addition to masses.  The device dedicated for use with MNT products enhances the capability for laser spectroscopy.  Finally, the future devices at BigRIPS will allow for half-life measurements, particle identification, and beta-delayed neutron multiplicity measurements.  I will describe the design and operation of our MRTOF-MS, provide an overview of recent results, and explain how we have used them for measuring more than masses as well as future plans.