Microdosimetry studies in Chang Gung University


  报告题目:Microdosimetry studies in Chang Gung University

  报告人:卓奕均 (博士,长庚大学)




  Microdosimetry is a branch of radiological physics that studies the non-uniformly energy imparted in microscopic structures as well as quantitative analysis the cellular radiation effect. Different with macroscopic dosimetry, microdosimetry studies focus on the inherent statistical fluctuation of energy deposition distributions from ionizing radiation in microscopic structures. This statistical fluctuation becomes important when the sensitive component is relatively small such as at sub-cellular and molecular levels. In radiobiological studies, the fluctuations of these statistical quantities are strongly correlated with the production of biological damage, such as DNA strand breaks, chromosomal aberration as well as cell death. Many studies have been carried out on the determination of the relationship between LET and relative biological effectiveness (RBE) in various cell type and different radiation source. The microdosimetry studies in the Chang Gung University are focus on the micro-dosimeter development and the RBE evaluation of proton therapy.