Searching for stable tetraquark states in QCD


  报告题目:Searching for stable tetraquark states in QCD 

  报告人:陈伟 教授 中山大学 



  报告摘要:A compact tetraquark is composed of a pair of diquark-antidiquark. Such a configuration has been used to interpret some unexpected hadron states. Recently, there are some efforts on searching for stable tetraquarks. In this talk, I will present our recent studies for the stable tetraquark states, including the doubly-bottom ud\bar b\bar d, the triply bottom bb\bar b\bar q and the fully-bottom bb\bar b\bar b tetraquarks. We calculated the mass spectra for these tetraquark states in a systematical way. Our results show that some of these states lie below the corresponding two-body hadronic decay thresholds. Once produced, they can only decay via electromagnetic and weak interactions. Very probably these tetraquark states are stable.  

  报告人简介:陈伟,理学博士,中山大学物理学院教授,博士生导师。2007年本科毕业于兰州大学,2012年博士毕业于北京大学。2012年至2017年在加拿大萨省大学从事博士后工作,2017年回国,任中山大学物理学院教授。主要研究方向为新强子态和奇异强子态。关注新强子态的产生、衰变和质量谱等性质,在隐粲四夸克态、五夸克态以及混杂态方面的理论研究工作受到国内外同行的关注。以第一作者或通讯作者身份在Phys. Rept.、PRL、PRD、JHEP 等高水平杂志发表相关论文40 余篇,总被引用次数1600 多次,h-index 为22。共有6 篇论文入选ESI 高被引论文(Highly Cited Paper),两篇论文入选了热点论文(Hot Paper)。担任PRL, PRD, PLB, NPB, EPJC,EPJA, Frontiers of Physics和International Journal of Modern Physics A 等期刊的审稿人。获欧洲物理杂志EPJ-2017 DistinguishedReferee,Physics Letters B - Most Valued Reviewer for 2017 和Chinese Physics C -Top Reviewer for 2018。