Laser Development and Precision Spectroscopy at TU Darmstadt


  报告题目:Laser Development and Precision Spectroscopy at TU Darmstadt

  报告人: Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther 
  TU Darmstadt, Inst. for Applied Physics
  时间:2019年9月5日(星期四) 11:00        
  In this talk, I will give a brief introduction into the science being pursued at our lab within our international collaborations. Generally speaking, we are interested in all aspects of laser physics and laser related science such as spectroscopy, quantum optics and applications of lasers. During the talk I will focus on two specific examples of these studies: (1) the latest laser developments for laser cooling of highly relativistic ion beams at accelerators and (2) laser spectroscopy of super heavy elements. For the first research topic specialized lasers in the UV range, both pulsed and cw are necessary. Our latest achievements will be presented with a focus on our pulsed system delivering pulses within a relatively wide range of specifications. Second, I summarize the present status of our first laser spectroscopic measurements on Nobelium. Specifically, the experimental setup as well as the first results will be discussed.