Atomic physics at GSI & FAIR: current status and future perspectives

报告题目:Atomic physics at GSI & FAIR: current status and future perspectives
报告人: Dr. Danyal Winters 
GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung
时间:2019年9月5日(星期四) 10:00        
The atomic physics division at GSI studies the structure and the dynamics of heavy highly charged ions (HCI) in order to test QED in extreme electric and magnetic fields, and to determine (fundamental) properties of such exotic ions. This is typically done by measuring: (a) electronic binding energies [X-Rays and charge-changed ions], e.g. the 1s Lamb shift and REC & DR processes; (b) fine and hyperfine structures of HCI [lasers and fluorescence]; (c) Compton [X-Rays] and Bremsstrahlung [electrons] processes; and (d) nuclear beta decay [electrons and charge changed ions]. These experimental studies at GSI are currently being done using heavy-ion storage rings (ESR & CRYRING) and ion traps (HITRAP). Ion beam control (cooling, decelerating, stability, trapping, etc.) is very important and mostly limits the ultimate precision reached in these experiments. But also the development of proper detector systems, gas targets, laser systems and spectrometers is crucial for reaching our ambitious goals. In the future, the Facility for Antiprotion and Ion Research (FAIR) will be used to take these experiments to the next level: higher energies and higher intensities imply more possibilities and greater flexibility. In my talk I will start with the interest in HCI from the atomic physics perspective, discuss some of the experiments mentioned above, show some important results, and finally present our future plans (SPARC@FAIR). I will also show the status of the FAIR facility, which is making great progress.